Teacher Guidelines 教师守则

新教师 For New Teachers

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Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

教师守则 Teacher’s Guidelines (sign and return to the board)


  1. 根据学校教学大纲的要求来制定个人教学计划。学年结束时75%的学生能够达到年级结业标准(低年级应掌握教材中的生字、词语和语法,并能流利地朗读所学课文;高年级还应具有一定的写作技巧,中国传统文化、地理、或历史知识)。
  2. 穿着要得体,不能过于暴露。提前5分钟进入教室,按时上、下课。
  3. 对学生反复强调不可随意动用教室里除桌椅之外的其它设施:如削铅笔刀、电脑、书籍等。课间休息时,不可在楼道里相互追逐和打闹。不可在楼道里跑。只能走。
  4. 尽快记住学生的中英文姓名。
  5. 认真备课、讲课、和批改作业,完成年级教学计划。
  6. 保证课堂纪律,平等对待每个学生。
  7. 通过课堂听写和检查课文朗读,强化学生对生字、词语的掌握,以及平日朗读课文习惯的训练。
  8. 和家长互动,每个课日后及时通报本周的讲课内容、所留作业等。
  9. 和校理事会互动,及时反映学生及家长的反馈意见、合理要求和建议。如有学生不在您的班级名单上,或虽在名单上但从来没见上课,请及时报告理事会。
  10. 因故临时不能上课,请至少提前两天向教务请假,并尽可能地推荐代课老师(最好是本班学生家长),并及时给代课老师按教学计划交待讲课内容和方法。
  11. 因故不能继续教学,请至少提前两个月告知教务,以便学校有充足的时间来进行教师的安排和调整。
  12. 每个学年结束时(在5月),老师借的投影仪要还给学校理事会。如果老师下个学年不再教课,所借教科书和其他教具(如White Board, Electric Sharpener, 等)也要还给理事会。
  13. 老师自己的、亲戚的、朋友的、邻居的孩子在自己班上上课而不注册的,该老师被认为严重违反学校纪律。学校可以采取任何处罚措施。

Austin Great Wall Chinese School Teacher’s Guidelines

  1. Make a teaching plan according to the requirements of the school curriculum. At least 75% of students should meet the grade promotion standard at the end of the school year (Lower grade students should master vocabulary, words and grammar, and read textbooks fluently; Higher grade students should also develop some writing skills, knowledge of Chinese culture, geography or history).
  2. Dress properly, arrive classroom at least five minutes earlier before class begins.
  3. Please ask the students not to use the classroom materials other than classroom chairs, such as pencil sharpener, computers, books etc. Students may not run and chase each other in the hallway during break.

4 Remember the student’s names as soon as possible

  1. Prepare lessons and lectures well, check/mark student’s homework, complete grade level teaching plan.
  2. Ensure classroom discipline, treat student equally.
  3. Make sure the students read aloud in class, and help students to master vocabulary, words, build habits of daily reading.
  4. Communicate with parents regarding each lesson and information about future lectures this week, the homework and so on.
  5. Communicate with the School Board on students and parents for any requirements and recommendations. If the student is not in your class list or on the list but never shown up, please report to the board.
  6. If the teacher is unable to attend class for any reason, please inform the school board at least two days in advance and also recommend possible substitute teacher, and provide/help the substitute teacher the teaching materials and teaching methods based on syllabus, in a timely fashion.

11 In case you need to resign from the position, please inform the School board at least two months in advance, so that schools have sufficient time to arrange a new teacher without suspending the class.

12 At the end of each school year (in May), the teacher should return projector to the school board. If the teacher is no longer teach for the next academic year, the textbooks and other teaching aids (such as White Board, Electric Sharpener, etc.) must be returned to the school as well.

13 The teachers should not let children of friends, neighbors, relatives and themselves to attend their class without registration.