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January 3, 2021: Zoom Class Info of Spring 2021. Please get the passcode to the zoom class from the class instructors.

Class nameZoom #
2nd Chinese96564141117
3rd Chinese95393998946
4th Chinese96698614648
5th Chinese7378485675
6th Chinese92845659847
7th Chinese95848340731
8th Chinese4828295181
9th Chinese98441426667
10th Chinese96448791392
AP Chinese89462520554
Chess Class95196022104
Chinese Reading99114399761
Chinese Writing96932870863
English Writing 193897146171
English Writing 298632452633

November 29, 2020: The early bird registration for Spring 2021 (1/10-5/16/2021) will start at 11 am CT, 12/14/2020 with $5 discount per class. The normal registration for Spring 2021 will start on 1/3/2021.
2021春季学期 (1/10-5/16/2021) 将于12月14日中部时间上午11点开始早期注册享有每节课$5的优惠常规注册将于1/3/2021开始
* Spring courses schedule (click to download) (Note: If you are enrolled in AGWCS-type courses in Fall 2020, you will be automatically enrolled in the same courses in Spring 2021. If you are enrolled in Other-type courses in Fall 2020, you need to enroll again in Spring 2021.)
* New courses in spring: English writing (click to download)
* DSM courses in spring (click to download)

August 20, 2020: 热烈祝贺长城中文学校四年级学生薛凯文在2020年暑期的全球海外青年演讲比赛荣获星光奖!

August 1, 2020: 长城中文学校于 11 am, 8/1/2020 开始接受秋季学期注册。受疫情影响,所有课程将以网课方式授课。于8/16之前的早期注册将有$5的优惠。
Registration for the fall semester starts at 11 am, 8/1/2020. Due to Covid-19, all classes will be online. A discount of $5 per class per student will be applied to the early registration before 8/16.

August 1, 2020: 秋季学期信息。

July 28, 2020: 长城中文学校获奖学生作文欣赏

May 17, 2020: 长城中文学校暑期网课开班,接受网上报名。开设中文阅读班(五年级及以下),中文写作班(六年级及以上),Pre-AP(八年级以上),ACT,SAT,Python编程,拼音,和DSM系列数学课程。点击下载暑期课程简介
AGWCS now opens registration for summer online classes. The classes include Chinese reading (for grade 5 and below), Chinese writing (for grade 6 and above), Pre-AP (for grade 8 and above), ACT, SAT, Python, Pinyin, and DSM Math classes. Click to download the class briefs.

May 12, 2020: 热烈祝贺长城中文学校的小学员们在第八届侨报中文比赛达拉斯赛区复赛中取得佳绩。
叶子妍获儿童组第三名, 刘祖奕,何运喜获少儿组第二名,刘祖琪获少年组第一名。

Austin Great Wall Chinese School is the biggest Chinese school in the central Texas area. AGWCS offers regular Chinese (pre-K to AP), bilingual Chinese, and other classes for both children and adults such as Math, Art, Taiji (Tai-Chi), Marshall Art, Chess, Badminton, Basketball, Yoga, and Zumba. See “Course Descriptions” on the left panel for details. AGWCS also offers the following classes. Please check our website for more information.

. SAT Foundation Reading and Writing
. SAT Foundation Math
. English Writing and Vocabulary for 6-8th graders
. English Writing and Vocabulary for 4-5th graders
. Chinese Pre-AP

For Chinese AP class students, if they do not pass the Chinese AP test, they can re-take the class for FREE.

P.O. BOX 180935
AUSTIN, TX 78718-0935

If you would like to know more about AGWCS, click “About Us” or FAQ” in the upper-right corner of this page. If you have additional questions, contact us by phone or email.

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