• AGWCS Location and Class Hours?
    All AGWCS classes are taught online. Refer to Class Schedule.
  • Tuition?
    Please find details in here
  • How to pay tuition?
    Please follow the instruction to register and submit payment. AGWCS prefers payments of Zelle/Quickpay. If pay by check, please mail to the following address, AGWCS P.O. BOX 180935 AUSTIN, TX 78718-0935.
  • Teacher’s qualification and Experience?
    Most teachers hold higher education degrees and years of teaching experience. . All the teachers must have an interview before get hired.
  • Are school Chinese classes for children and teens only?
    The Chinese classes are not for children and teens only. There are lots of adults registered to the Bilingual Classes.
  • How can I find the classroom for my class?
    On the first day of the school, the location of all classes will be posted on the wall of school hallway and cafeteria as well. Please refer here.
  • How to select a right class and grade for my child who is a first time student?
    You may do it based on your kid’s age and Chinese level. Also talk to AGWCS and the teachers for suggestions.
  • What Chinese textbooks to be used?
    For Regular Chinese class, there will be two Chinese text books to be used:
    Ji-Nan University (Regular Chinese Class)
    Ma Li-Ping (Regular Chinese Class)
  • What are the costs for Chinese Text Books and CD/DVD’s?
    Please refer here .
  • Is the teacher in my kid’s class last semester going to the next level with the same class
    For this school year, for Regular Chinese classes, the teachers are not going to the next level with the same class. For the Bilingual class, the teachers are still going to the next level with the class.
  • Steps to drop class from AGWCS:
    1. Login to your account.
    2. Go to Enroll.
    3. Click the cancel button (red x) next to the class.
    4. Or contact the school for cancellation.