Course Tuition 课程收费

  • The tuition of most courses is for one year, except that the tuition of Dr. Shen’s Math classes and Ms. Yuan’s Singing classes is for one semester.
  • Tuition does not include cost of textbook. 学费不含书费。
Course Title
Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《幼儿汉语》1, 2, 3, 4 ($10)
1st-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第1册 (3册) ($10)
2nd-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第2册 (3册) ($10)
3rd-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第3册 (3册) ($10) 暨南大学《汉语拼音》$5 additional)
4th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第4册 ($10)
5th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第5册 ($10)
6th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第6册 ($10)
7th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第7册 ($10)
8th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第8册 ($10)
9th-Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第9册 ($10)
10th Grade Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year暨南大学《中文》第10册 ($10)
Pre-AP Chinese4:00-5:00$200/year 中国地理历史文化常识,三本一套,英汉对照($15)
AP Chinese2:00-4:00$330/year《收获—Harvest-Intermediate Chinese》(教材+练习册+3xCDs, $70.00)参考书:《AP中文综合测试 – 模拟试题集》$30 请学生自行购买教材
10/12-AMC (DSM Academy)1:50-2:50$400/semesterDSM Academy
06-MathCounts/AMC (DSM Academy)5:00-5:55$400/semesterDSM Academy
08-MathCounts/AMC (DSM Academy)3:00-3:55$400/semesterDSM Academy
09-Pre-Calculus (DSM Academy)3:00-3:55$275/semesterDSM Academy
05-Algebra (DSM Academy)4:00-4:55$275/semesterDSM Academy
06-Algebra (DSM Academy)4:00-4:55$275/semesterDSM Academy
07-Algebra (DSM Academy)4:00-4:55$275/semesterDSM Academy
08-Algebra (DSM Academy)4:00-4:55$275/semesterDSM Academy
Singing – age 6-84:10-5:00$300/semester
Singing – age 9-125:10-6:00$300/semester
Dance – age 8-105:00-5:50$320/semester
Dance – age 11 and above4:00-4:50$320/semester
Math 34:00-5:00$230/year
Math 44:00-5:00$230/year
Math 54:00-5:00$230/year
SAT Foundation – MATH4:00-5:00$200/year
SAT Foundation – Reading and Writing2:00-4:00$330/year
ACT Foundation4:00-5:00$200/year
Writing & Vocabulary4:00-5:00$200/year
Kids Badminton4:00-5:00$200/year
Martial Art – 武术 4:00-5:00$200/year
Chess4:00-5:00$200/year Triple Weight Quiver Chess Set $20 Chess Rules, Chess Tactics by John Bain and Chess Score book $25 Will charge $45 for all the materials above if you choose Order Textbook provided by teacher- Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Game by Think Fun See this link for details:
Adult Badminton2:00-4:00$70/year
Adult Basketball2:00-4:00$190/year
Adult Tai Ji2:00-3:00$200/year
Adult Yoga2:00-3:00$200/year
Adult Zumba2:10-3:00$165/year

Tuition Payment 交学费

You can register online by following the “Login & Registration” on the left panel or come to the school on the first day of classes. There is early registration discount ($5 for each student/class) if registered by August 5, 2019 and payment postmarked by August 12, 2019.
2019年秋季提前注册将于7月22日开始。为方便家长,在这学期8月25日和9月1日可在学校食堂交学费(必须打印好billing statement并且签好名字)。为了方便学校订购课本及顺利开课,学校接受网上注册。凡在8月5日以前在网上注册, 8月12日以前交费者享受优惠学费($5学生/课程)。

Please follow the instruction to register, print and mail the billing statement with your check payment (paybale to AGWCS) to the following address.
AGWCS P.O. BOX 180935 AUSTIN, TX 78718-0935

If you are unable to mail the payment at least 3 business days before the classes begin, bring the billing statement and your check payment to the school on the first day of classes.
学费付款支票需要付给AGWCS。请遵循网上说明,将填好的表格及支票寄至以上地址。若您在开学前三个工作日还未能寄出支票,请您在网上填写并打印出注册明细表格(Billing Statement),在开学之日到校缴费。

Tuition Refund Policy 有关学费退款的规定

You may cancel any classes by the end of the second school day and receive full refund. (except Go and Dr.Shen’s math class)
在学期的第二次课当天或之前, 退所缴学费全款。(不包括沈教授数学课)

You may cancel any class after the second school day but by the fifth
school day and receive 50% refund. (except Dr.Shen’s math class)
在学期的第二次课到第五次课期间, 退所缴学费50%款。 此后,恕不退款。(不包括围棋和沈教授数学课)

Text Book Refund Policy 有关退书的规定

No refund for purchased textbooks, CDs and teaching materials at any time. 购买的教科书或其它教学资料不予退款。

Late Payment Policy 有关补交学费的规定

The tuition must be paid in full by the second school day to avoid a late fee. After that, a late fee of 10% of the tuition fee will be applied. A student will not be allowed to attend classes unless the tuition has been paid in full by the 3rd school day. (except Dr.Shen’s math class)