家长协议 Parent Agreement

Parents have responsibility to educate their children to follow all guidelines and rules

General Behavior Guidelines and Rules for students
1. Listening to teacher
2. Following teacher direction and school rules
3. Get off car with parents in parking zone
4. Waiting for parents to walk in and out school building together.
5. Walking in the halls, classroom and parking lot
6. Enter school building, classroom and cafeteria in an orderly manner
7. Avoiding running in the halls, classroom and parking lot
8. Walking when entering and exiting the building
9. Avoiding fighting and play fighting in any where
10. Wait quietly in out side of classroom until the classroom and teacher are available to take students in
11. Avoiding standing, walking and playing in stage of cafeteria and gym, chair and desk.
12. Avoiding touching auto-pencil-sharpener, projector, books and any devices belong to Webb Middle School in classroom.
13. Clean desk and floor area before leaving classroom and cafeteria
14. Need permission to leave classroom
15. Talking politely and using appropriate language
16. Using appropriate body language
17. Using an appropriate tone and volume (Even when angry)
18. Avoiding words that are hurtful to others
19. Accepting individual differences (This includes cultural, learning, appearance, and other differences)
20. Touching others’ property only with permission
21. Being mindful of other people’s space
22. Keeping confidential information private
23. Treating school property with care

By no means are the guidelines all inclusive. The AGWCS retains the right to alter or vary the application of these rules. These guidelines are intended to help parents, students, and board members work together. Many guiding statements are included in this document but by no means does it cover every situation. As new policies and regulations are developed by the school board, additions and/or deletions will be made to the guidelines. Every effort will be made by school board and teachers to help students and parents understand what is expected of them.

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