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学校新学期开学日期 First Day of the School

参见 学校日历
Refer School Calendar

学校校址及上课时间 AGWCS Location and Class Hours
学校上课地点在 AUSTIN WEBB MIDDLE SCHOOL (click here )。上课时间为星期日下午2点至6点 (中文课2点至4点﹐双语班4点至6点, 大部分其它课程4点至5点。具体时间请看 这里
All AGWCS classes are taught in Austin Webb Middle School. The class time is:
Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00 (regular Chinese class are from 2:00 to 4:00, Bilingual classes are from 4:00 to 6:00. Most of the other classes are from 4:00 to 5:00. For accurate information, please see here).

学校新学期注冊方法 Registration
1) 在这里网上注冊 (推荐 -- 简练和快捷)
Online Registration from here (Recommend for fast and easy)

2) 开学当日现场注冊及交费 (尽量避免 -- 开学当日人多不便)
Registration in person in the same day school opens (NOT recommend for huge crowd and inconvenience at school open day)

学校新学期学费 Tuition
参见 这里
Please find details in here

学费付款方式 How to pay tuition

PO Box 180935, Austin, TX 78718-0935

支票或汇票抬头为 (Pay to the order of: AGWCS)

Since we don’t have on-line credit card payment service, after you complete your registration, please mail your check or money order to AGWCS with the following address:

PO Box 180935, Austin, TX 78718-0935

Make your payable to: AGWCS
No cash please if you mail your payment.
Please check school website for more detailed info.

我怎样找到我上课的教室﹖How can I find the classroom for my class?
开学第一天教室/课程安排图也会在学校走廊及CAFETERIA公布。教室安排信息列在参见 这里
On the first day of the school, the location of all classes will be posted on the wall of school hallway and cafeteria as well. Please refer here.

教师资历和经验 Teacher’s qualification and Experience
Most teachers hold higher education degrees and years of teaching experience. . All the teachers must have an interview before get hired.

Are school Chinese classes for children and teens only?

中文课程也适合成人﹐ 双语班有很多成人学生。
The Chinese classes are not for children and teens only. There are lots of adults registered to the Bilingual Classes.

How do I choose a right bilingual class for myself?

Have you ever learned any Chinese? If not, pick up the Bilingual Chinese Level 1 (used to be beginner class) for sure. If you have basic training and/or previous Chinese language class, you may choose Bilingual Chinese Level 2 (used to be intermediate class). If you have pretty strong Chinese background, the Bilingual Chinese level 3 or 4 (used to be Advanced or Super Advanced class) are the right choice.

How to select a right class and grade for my child who is a first time student

You may do it based on your kid’s age and Chinese level. Also talk to AGWCS and the teachers for suggestions.

学校採用哪种中文教材 What kind of the Chinese text books to be used?
双语班採用快乐汉语, 汉语会话301和幼儿汉语。
详情请查询学校网站”List of Teachers & Classes”

For Regular Chinese class, there will be two Chinese text books to be used
- Ji-Nan University (Regular Chinese Class)
- Ma Li-Ping (Regular Chinese Class)
For Bilingual Chinese class, Kuaile Hanyu, Conversational Chinese 301 and Youer Hanyu are used.
Please check school website page ”List of Teachers & Classes” for more detailed information.

What are the costs for Chinese Text Books and CD/DVD’s?

Please refer here .

学费和书费/CD(VCD) 是否必须同时交?
Should I pay tuition and text book/CD at the same time and same check?

You don’t have to and you can pay separately. But for both of us convenience, it is recommended to pay at the same time and in the same payment.

Can non-registered students buy text book from AGWCS?

No, we provide text books to our registered students only.

Besides Chinese classes, what classes else AGWCS provides?

参见这里 .

Music, Math, Kung-fu, Chess, Tai Ji and Yoga, etc.
Please check here

我能否自己选择老师和班級? Can I pick up the class and the teachers by myself?
可以﹐但是每个班级最多有16个学生。 所以先注册者有优先选择权。
Yes, but the maximum number of students in a class is 16. So it’s based on first come, first serve basis.

Is the teacher in my kid’s class last semester going to the next level with the same class?

For this school year, for Regular Chinese classes, the teachers are not going to the next level with the same class. For the Bilingual class, the teachers are still going to the next level with the class.

学生如何取消注冊以及退款方法 How do I drop the class and get refund?

Please drop class from here and get the refund per following situations:
- By the end of the second class day of the semester: Full refund.
- After the second class day of the semester: No refunds.

如何注销课程 Steps to drop class from AGWCS:
1. Click on here, and log in.
2. Select the student name, and click on Enrollments button
3. Click on Cancel button to drop class.

本学期何时結束 When will this semester end?
参见 学校日历
Please refer School Calendar
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