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奥斯汀长城中文学校诚聘中文、写作、双语、数学、美术,羽毛球,武术、音乐、瑜珈教师。教学对象为K-10 学生,时间为每周日下午。有意者请将简历发至
If you are interested in teaching Chinese, Chinese writing, Chinese as a second language (bilingual teaching), math, arts, badminton, Kong-fu, music, yoga, etc., send your resume to

志愿者 Volunteers

We welcome volunteers to join AGWCS to help promote Chinese language and culture. The volunteer opportunities include a variety of activities such as assisting school management, campus safety patrol, classroom or YCT exam assistants, teaching class, textbook delivering, or any expertise you have. Please contact with AGWCS board ( if you are interested.


New registration Attention!
If you are new student

1) Email your last name, first name, email address, the courses you want to enroll to

2) Bring cash or check to the front desk on the first day of school starts. Our staff will assist you to complete your registration. Thanks!

In consideration of my child’s (or children’s) participation in Austin Great Wall Chinese School (AGWCS), I, acting as parent or legal guardian of said child (or children), hereby agree to release, discharge, waive and hold harmless to AGWCS, Webb Middle School, and their respective instructors, board members, volunteers for any incident, actions or conduct resulting in personal injury, accident, or illness to my child (or children) not limited to negligence, gross negligence and recklessness.
I have carefully read and voluntarily sign this waiver of liability and fully understand its contents and meaning as a full waiver of all claims, liability and indemnity against AGWCS, Webb Middle School, and their respective instructors, board members, volunteers.
2018-2019 School Year

I do not accept (不同意)

I accept (同意)

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