Mathcounts Syllabus 教学计划

(5th-grade Mathcounts Syllabus, 2012年6月修订,司志明)

Text Book 教材
Competition Math for Middle School

Objectives and Outlines 教学重点
This class is intended for students who have outpaced their current level of school. The main focus is to encourage their interests in math learning and enhance their problem solving strategies and skills. The requirements for this class include class participation, taking extensive notes and having all the homework completed in time.

Fall Semester 第一学期(秋季)课程安排

Teaching Week 课次 Content 教学内容
Week 1 第一周 Cancel quantities to make the problem simpler
Week 2 第二周 Translate English words into mathematical expressions
Week 3 第三周 Know how to find unknown quantities
Week 4 第四周 Remember classic expressions
Week 5 第五周 Know how to manipulate averages
Week 6 第六周 Know how to manipulate inequalities
Week 7 第七周 Mid-term Exam
Week 8 第八周 Use specific numerical examples to prove or disprove your guess
Week 9 第九周 When each choice must be tested, start with choice E and work backward
Week 10 第十周 Know how to solve problems using the formula R*T=D
Week 11 第十一周 Know how to use units of time. Distance, area or volume to find or check your answer
Week 12 第十二周
Week 13 第十三周 Try not to make tedious calculations since there is usually an easier way
Week 14 第十四周 Know how to find unknown expressions by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing equations or expressions
Week 15 第十五周 Final Exam

Spring Semester 第二学期(春季)课程安排

Teaching Week 课次 Content 教学内容
Week 1 第一周 Draw or extend lines in a diagram to make a problem easier; label unknown quantities
Week 2 第二周 Know how to eliminate certain choices
Week 3 第三周 Watch out for questions that seem very easy but that can be tricky – beware of Choice A as a ‘Lure Choice”
Week 4 第四周 Using the given information effectively (and ignore irrelevant information)
Week 5 第五周 Know and use facts about triangles
Week 6 第六周 When calculating answers, never multiply and/or do long division, if reducing can be done first
Week 7 第七周 Mid-term Exam
Week 8 第八周 Fractions and Even-odd relationships
Week 9 第九周 Factors and percentages
Week 10 第十周 Exponents and averages
Week 11 第十一周 Equations and inequalities
Week 12 第十二周 Parallel lines and angles
Week 13 第十三周 Triangles and circles
Week 14 第十四周 Other figures and shortcuts
Week 15 第十五周 Final Exam