Intermediate and Advanced Chess Class 中高级国际象棋

First week- One pins
Second week- One Pins
Third week- Two Black Rank Combinations
Fourth week-Two Black Rank Combinations
Fifth week- Three Knight Forks
Sixth week- Three Knight Forks
Seventh week- Other Forks/Double Attacks
Eighth week- Other Forks/Double Forks
Ninth week- Discovered Checks
Tenth week- Discovered Checks
Eleventh week- Double Checks
Twelfth week- Double Checks
Thirteenth week- Discovered Attacks
Fourteenth week- Discovered Attacks
Fifteenth week- Skewers
Sixteenth week- Skewers
Seventeenth week- Double Threats
Eighteenth week- Double Threats
Nineteenth week- Double Threats
Twentieth week- Promoting Pawns
Twenty first week- Promoting Pawns
Twenty second day- Promoting Pawns
Twenty third week- Removing the Guard
Twenty fourth week- Removing the Guard
Twenty fifth week- Perpetual Check
Twenty sixth week- Perpetual Check
Twenty seventh week- Perpetual Check
Twenty eighth week- Zugzwang/Stalemate
Twenty ninth week- Zugzwang/Stalemate
Thirtieth week- Zugzwang/Stalemate
This is for the more advanced students:
1st-6th week- Planning in the Middle Game
7th-12th week- Strategy and Tactics of Attack on the King
13th-18th week- How to Defend Difficult Positions
19th-24th week- Various Pawn Positions in the Center
25th-30th week- The Art of Analysis