Chinese Flute 中华笛子

Chinese Flute Lesson, Fall 2015
Instructor: Eddie Hsu
电话: 512-576-6867

This class is about the fundamentals of Chinese bamboo flute (Dizi). Sight-reading, ear training, rhythmic notation, scales, basic techniques and music theory will be included. The instructor will also teach an appreciation for the beauty of Chinese flute music. Students should be able to play flute properly and understand the instrument at the end of the semester.
This is beginner level. Children age 6+ preferred.

日期 课程安排
Week 1 基本姿勢與呼吸法 (Posture and breath)
Week 2 發聲 (Produce a tone)
Week 3 節奏訓練 I (Rhythmic training I)
Week 4 節奏訓練 II (Rhythmic training II)
Week 5 節奏訓練 III (Rhythmic training III)
Week 6 讀譜練習 (Notation and Sight reading)
Week 7 趣味练耳 (Ear training)
Week 8 复习 (Review)
Week 9 音乐欣赏 (Music appreciation)
Week 10 基本練習:吐音 I (Tonguing I)
Week 11 基本練習:吐音 II (Tonguing II)
Week 12 基本練習:連音 I (Legato I)
Week 13 基本練習:連音 II (Legato II)
Week 14 試奏練習 (sight reading)
Week 15 总复习 (Review)
Week 16 考试 (Exam)