First Semester:
1. Beauty of Shapes
Introduction to shapes and cutting shapes into pieces. How to draw a hexagram.
2. Connecting the dots, you get lines.
Lines, Angles, Parallel Lines
3. If triangles made a god, they would give him three sides
Types of triangles. Measurement of triangles. Area
4. Don't be fooled by your eyes, you need a proof!
What is a proof
5. How to spot identical triangle twins.
Idea of congruence
6. Donkey's fault
Why SAS works, ASS misses.

7. Mid Term Exam

8. Searching for shape-mate
Paper cutting, try your hands in finding congruent triangles
9. Shrink me and still find me
Ideas of similarity
10. Polygon pizza is just piles of triangles pieces
Discover polygons.
11. Get correct numbers in right triangles
Pythagoras theorem
13. Everything gets trapped in web
Cartesian coordinates
14. Final Exam

Second Semester (every section needs 2-3 classes:
1. Give me the ball
Circle and measurement.
2. Darting inside circles
Angles and triangles inside circles
3. Keep Cycling
Circles continued.
4. Rolling balls
Tangent lines of circles.
5. Bicycles and Trikes
Two and three cycles stack up
6. Triangle and circle have hearts
Incenter and circumcenter
7. Chinese New Year Carnival
8. Heart attack at high altitude
9. Mid Term Exam

10. Similarity revisited
Similar triangle inside circles
11. Tiling floor
Space filing and tessellations
12. Go alive with 3-dimension
Pyramids, cylinders, cones and cubes
13. Use your scissor
Cutting 3-dimensional shapes.
14. Star spangled banner
How to draw stars, geometry of stars.
15. Origami project
16. Final Exam