Chess Level 1 国际象棋 - 1 教学计划

Chess I is both a recreational chess program and a transition to intermediate and advanced chess instruction. Students will learn chess rules, chess notation, and tactics for opening, middle, and end play. The coach will provide a middle game puzzle set for use during the class period. Students who wish to advance their knowledge by use of the solitaire puzzle set may purchase a set at their option. Skill in chess notation will be acquired. A small three-ring binder will be useful to keep class handouts and score sheets. Elementary analysis of games will be a topic of study. Students will bring their own triple-weighted chess set with a notated board and a pencil to each class. Other materials listed are available for a more in-depth appreciation of the game. Students who wish to learn at a more leisurely pace may re-enroll in Chess I for more than one year. Those students who study the basics and absorb them may opt to take the transitional examination to learn chess at a more advanced level.

Coach Morgan is certified as a local coach by the US Chess Federation, and as a developmental chess instructor by the International Chess Federation. He specializes in bringing new students to the game. He has been teaching in AGWCS since 2010. He loves the school as well as the students and support of the parents.

More details about the class materials: